Top 4 Things to Consider for a Responsive Web Design

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When building a responsive website, you need to consider a lot of things. From your budget and kind of website that you want to have to the elements that you have to put into your site, you need to consider them all to be able to create a harmonious and responsive website that will look great on any screen size. But before you brainstorm for ideas that will likely leave you dizzy, better know which ones you should prioritize so that you can keep them in order.

There are four things that you should not forget when building a responsive website. These things should always be considered, regardless of what kind of website you want to build or what industry the business that you’re building a website for is in. Because these can be considered as standard elements, you should make sure that you keep them in mind when designing or having a professional web design team to create responsive site for you.

Things to Consider for a Responsive Site

Here are the four things that you need to keep in mind when creating a responsive site.

  • Vital Content

The main content should be the focus of your site regardless of how small the viewing screen is. There are 1.08 billion smartphone users around the globe. These people use a small screen when viewing sites. So, it is important that you take measures to keep your vital content focused even on very small screens.

You have to learn how to incorporate your CTA (call to action) to your main content or images to be able to make your site attractive while focusing on what you want your visitors to see and to take action on within your site.

  • Input Modalities

Aside from a keyboard and a mouse, Internet users now use touch to navigate websites. There are also input modalities that are being developed nowadays such as hand gestures and the eyes. Thus, it is important to include these ideas on your site so that you can adjust your design when these input modalities are being used.

  • Condensing

It is common knowledge that responsive web design condenses content to make it viewable on small screens. There are 5 billion mobile phones in the world with different screen sizes. So, it is important that you consider the condensing of your content in a clever way. The images, buttons and fonts of your website should not be hard to read on such small devices.

  • Flexibility

Because of the fast development of new kinds of technology nowadays, it is important to make your website flexible for future innovations. As what has been stated earlier, there are new input modalities being available to the public. You have to be ready for that.

Nowadays, new ideas and discoveries are being applied to researches and experiments that result to astounding technology that no one has ever thought of before. So, it is important to make your site flexible so that it will have room for such improvement; making your site dynamic and innovative regardless of time and new trends.


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